August 19, 2014

33/52 from France.

Goodness me, it's been a while.
And all of a sudden here we are in Summer! We have escaped a Melbourne winter to spend six weeks in France, introducing Anouk to all the family. Of course, I am enjoying all that that has to offer... cheese (bien sur), fresh produce from the abundance of Papi's gardens, willing baby sitters and the beautiful weather of Southern France.
I might even get around to posting some more photos shortly. In the meantime, voila... mes enfants.

Leo: Helping Papi to pick apples and pears from his orchard.
Anouk: my beautiful baby girl is melting hearts all round (and growing way too quickly).

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June 30, 2014


A portrait of my children, each week, every week in 2014. 

Leo: I walked past to find him hiding here looking sheepish. 

Anouk: And then found her like this. 

I've dropped the ball on this 52 series. Not feeling much like being online and not finding that I have picked up the camera much either. Three and a half year old behaviour challenges have been taking up much of my time and energy, as have a bit of sewing and a bit of work. But we've been trying a few different things to address the whining and tantrums and I think we've turned a corner. Fingers crossed. 
Bubs... well, she just continues to be a dream. 

And in other news, how did we get to 26 already? Half way through the year... seriously?!! 

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May 31, 2014

Conversations with Leo

How fun is a three year old?!
And also how infuriating, how intriguing, how clever, how energetic, how frustrating etc etc.

Leo is full of imagination, often in his own little world having conversations with his cars and toys and making up stories. For the fourth day in a row now, I am "mama horsey" and he is "farmer" and the day starts with "horsies... I'm getting up now to go and work in the barn". Funny little thing.
His language amazes me and I've started writing things down so that I don't forget them and recording conversations we have.
It has taken me only five months to put this one from Christmas together and post it. Thought I'd share it here. It's incredible how much he has changed in the time since then and his language is so much more complex. But I'd better start at the start.
Happy Chrimmas!

May 25, 2014


A portrait of my children, each week, every week in 2014

Leo: A gift of a kaleidoscope provided some pretty funny photo opportunities as I tried to teach him how to use it. 

Anouk: This little cherub just melts my heart. Not sure how I made it into this week's portrait, but anyway... hello! 

May 17, 2014


A portrait of my children, each week, every week (well, almost) in 2014

Leo: He's becoming such a little entertainer with a vivid imagination, always with a story or a performance or a game. And always trying to rope me in as one of his characters. 

Anouk: While Leo and I play, she sleeps. Always sleeping. I got super lucky with her! (you might have seen another version of this photo on instagram). 

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May 9, 2014


...A portrait of my children, each week, every week in 2014...

There's a LOT of this going on.

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April 30, 2014

In recent weeks...

Taking a glimpse back at recent posts, you'll notice that I haven't managed much more than the portrait series, and even then I haven't posted each week. So I'm attempting to remedy with a few shots from recent weeks. Life with two children is funnily enough, pretty busy. Even when one of those is a baby who is pretty bloody cruisy... sleeping, feeding, sleeping, feeding. My biggest challenge at the moment is not the newborn but the 'threenager'. Most of the time he is a delight, and he's gorgeous and gentle with Anouk. But at times lately, he's been quite the challenge. I guess it's partly the adjustment of an extra person in the house, and less attention on him. And partly, just being three.
Still, quite annoying when he wakes up during the night more frequently than the newborn!

From The Top:
* Sleepy bubba
* When we started our veggie garden after moving in to our new house, I planted cosmos seeds, not realising that they grow to be MASSIVE. They've only recently flowered but flower they have. In fact, they've gone a little bananas. But they're so gorgeous and they make me smile.
* Hold your horses, it's a new quilt commission.
* You just forget how teeny tiny they are!
* Feeling so over getting around in my pregnancy clothes and tracksuit pants, I went shopping. I might have accidentally spent a bit of money in Gorman (there was a sale on!!).
* Holiday house easter egg hunts are the best.
* As are spending lazy afternoons in winery cellar door gardens with a cheese platter, a glass or two of a top drop and a view.
* Pretty heart warming...

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